ETAP-Lab has strong expertise in the field of dermatology research and has developed a wide portfolio of original in vivo models, and providing services to top tier Pharma, Nutrition and Medical device companies.

ETAP-Lab provides original and translational models of Stroke and Alzheimer’s disease, through technology transfer from world-class academic teams in the field of neurology.

Etap-Lab has been testing innovative functional foods and ingredients for 30 years. The CRO has in-depth expertise in producing in vivo proof of the efficacy of naturally derived products having potential benefits.


About us

ETAP-Lab is an independent Contract Research Organization (CRO)


ETAP-Lab provides preclinical pharmacology and research services, as well as scientific expertise, to Pharmaceutical and Agro-Food industries. Our activity focuses on In Vivo models of pathologies and toxicology studies in rodents to support drug and nutraceutic R&D for our sponsors.

Since the foundation in 1991, ETAP-Lab’s Scientists have an in-depth expertise in pathology modeling with rodents. By respecting rodent chronobiology and natural behaviors, ETAP-Lab proposes research models with added translational value. All our models are customizable and original specific models can be set-up and validated on request.

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The CRO Strok@lliance has been co-created by ETAP-Lab